Auriga- Tomb of the Endless

Multiple Campaigns

Since I’m going to have multiple campaigns running on this site I’m making seperate adventure log post sections for the campaigns.

Discontinued: Three Corners Adventure Log

3 Corners Campaign

Day 1

Davros Shadowthorn the Exiled Prince, Flannagan the Dwarven Priest, Gandar the Former Captain of the Shiny Shilling, and his First Mate Mocksley found themselves traveling towards the city of 3 Corners. They hired on with a caravan which promised to pay them 50 gold when they arrived near the city. They lied. Stuck 3 days away from the city with only a day of rations and a gold coin they looked for work. Davros found the orcish priest who was “protecting” the town needed an escort to a former holy site of the tribe. Arriving at the cave, they found the long deceased shaman hanging in front of the cave. Pushing forwards they found two strange prisoners, that the party didn’t wish to get close to, and a large amount of herbs. They later found a burial chamber in which there were no bodies in sight. As a swarm of skeletons clanked up the passages behind them Davros decided to move the party into the burial chamber. As the party was fighting the skeletons a group of Zombies Shambled and attacked the party from the burial chamber during the confusion.

Day 2

As the party was fighting the undead horde the mists took some of them and the undead and placed them in the city of 3 Corners. Davros and Gandar were the only two taken by the mists other than every single undead. Luckily they were aided by the Unkillable Dwarf Curock, the Grey-Elf Druid Sylvanas and the Blood-Mage Yggdrassil. Unluckily for Davros, the Blood-Mage was pretty useless against undead and the Captain (Also a mage), escaped and was hesitant to use his spells. Surrounded by undead the Elf, Dwarf, and Prince found themselves beaten down by the numbers of undead. Luckily the town guard came to the commotion and defeated the remaining undead. Taking time to rest the party headed to the nearest inn, the Drowned Rat, and decided to group up.

Day 3

While trying to figure out what to do next they were approached by a man named Samuel who offered to put them in touch with some of the Prince’s supporters. They initially refused opting instead to try and seek aid from the embassy of Fairwind. However Seacrest, the Price’s homeland, had declared war on Fairwind and as a pre-emptive attack seiged the embassy of Fairwind. Left with the prospect of trying to find a way into the besieged embassy Davros chose instead to take Samuel’s offer. Later that afternoon a person, identifying himself as Arthur a guard, told them that he and his men could provide their knowledge as city guards. One task they would need to do was to take out a guild of thieves who were also bounty hunters. As the Prince had a bounty on his head he was eager to deal with these troublemakers. Arriving at the building the party dispatched the front guards and then the Prince lead the way into the building. The building however turned ot to be full of heavily armed warriors. Almost dying, and ignoring the fact the Dwarf was as good of a warrior and uninjured, the Prince barely pulled out of combat in time to be healed. The warrior leader showed up but was taken over by the blood mage who used him top finish up the rest of the “brigands”.

Day 4

Unphased by the fact they attacked a group of warriors and not thieves, the party lead by the exiled prince was introduced to another “friend” who would help them. A guild merchant named Taric had a rival named Shana Windswift who was supplying soldiers hostile to the Prince and his party. Riding out to the manor estate outside of town the Prince demanded to be let into the estate. He was denied entry but decided to run the caravan through the entryway anyhow. The gate warden was held by the Blood-Mage and then released. As he was running the mage slinged him in the back and the caravan ran over him. Somehow the Prince still thought he was on a peaceful mission. After fighting off some riders which normally accompanied the caravans the party found itself under heavy sling fire from the manor home. The mule skinner convieniently had some heav crossbows, for the party to use against the manor’s defenders, provided by Samuel. After a few volleys the defenders retreated and boarded up the home. After demanding to be let in and then declaring he would torch the home, the Party found a hidden entrance to the cellars and broke into the manor. Killing a cook on the way into the kitchens the manor’s last defenders, including Shana Windswift, came to rout the invaders. Most armed with only clubs, pans, and fire pokers they should have stood no match for the party. Shana’s son tried to aid his wounded mother with a bow but the Blood-Mage soon took control of him and forced him to kill his mother, on mother’s day no less. The Exiled Prince was beaten to death with the defenders clubs as he refused to retreat from the fight. After having killed all the defenders including Shana and her son, the party left Shana’s 6 year old daughter charmed, covered in blood and holding a dagger for anyone who came here to find. Then they returned to town.

Day 5

Having turned in the Prince’s body for a reward the Pirate left, followed by the Blood-Mage who had grown tired of trying to save a fool group over and over. Left with no where else to turn, with a city on lockdown and threats of war, the Druid and Dwarf returned to Samuel. Samuel introduced them to a man named Apple, a thief who at first claimed to be against the former prince but then changed his mind. They also found a mage named Windser the Wary, who was looking for a way out of the city, and Munches, the rat catching Gully Dwarf. Not being in a position to be choosy the party reluctantly accepted the new members and proceeded to try to find a way out of town. Arthur and Taric agreed to help them out of town but Arthur informed the party that a group of Fairwind mercenaries had found out about the escaping caravan and were planning to attack it. The party decided to attack the meeting place of these mercenaries just before they left in order to cause enough of a distraction so that they could leave. The Gully Dwarf scouted the building and was given a few pieces of dried fruit by the men inside, but this didn’t stop the party from its plans. After charming the front door guard away they enlarged the door and set the building on fire. Quickly escaping form the town, the sounds of battle and large amounts of smoke began to rise from the town. Unknown to the characters at the time, the city had errupted into full blown war due in large part to their actions. As they headed away from 3 corners and back towards the lands of Seacrest they were ambushed near morning by a band of adventurers. Out leveled, and out numbered this band of adventures managed to almost defeat the entire party. In fact it was only due to the last warrior exhausting himself, taking on most of the party, and harming himself that the Gully Dwarf and Mage managed to survive. The party discovered that Apple was a cleric in addition to a thief and that the Druid and Dwarf now had a 250 gold piece reward for them.


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